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When it’s Time for a Website Refresh

After a few years, the performance of your website is likely to change. Lately, you may not be seeing as many conversions as you once have. This type of B2B marketing dilemma is quite typical, and it is rarely the marketer’s fault. Website design is sometimes driven by quick business decisions, with little attention given to how the aspects of a web page should function together as a whole. The online attempt to garner leads and turn them in to sales is hampered by poor user experience. However, these issues can be made right with the help of a digital marketing agency.

Refresh or Rebuild?

A digital marketing agency’s goal is to assess the traffic on a website and correct anything that is affecting conversions. Although this may appear to be a simple task, once the agency begins to collaborate with their clients, it can become more challenging. There will also be different stakeholders at various stages of a project that you will have to assist.

To create an idea of your customers, learn more about their demographics and behavioral interests. Color preferences and language interests will be noted here, and these will be carried over to the next step: web design. The initial web page should tell the customer who the company is, what it does, how it differs from the competition, as well as have a call to action button (all of this is backed up by data).

Website Speed

According to Mark Lennon, Marketing Agency Leader at B2B marketing firm, Expresso, “Many websites are slow. As Google starts to penalize slow websites by displaying them lower in their search results, it becomes important to make sure that your website responds quickly. You may make design decisions based on this.” A website that looks good and loads quickly will only take you so far. Automation should come in behind the scenes to track visitors, generate leads, and acquire users who fill out forms or click the call to action button.

“If you have a contact form, make sure that once someone fills it out, it triggers analytics, an event, or goals,” said Mike Melen, co-founder of SmartSites, a web design and digital marketing agency.

Interpreting Data

Will Norris, design team head at UX design agency Codal, explained that “Data is good at telling you what is happening, but it is not telling you why. This is where user testing comes in, using small groups, usually of three to five.” While Amazon can afford to recruit thousands of people to produce statistically reliable results, many smaller clients cannot. Norris believes that testing with three to five people will capture 80 percent of the concerns. Once it repairs any issues, they test again.

How Often Should You Refresh?

Since the world changes daily, it is unwise to expect your website to remain the same over time. Expert opinion on how often a refresh is required varies, ranging from once every one to two years to once every three to five years.

The time it takes to complete the work varies as well. A typical project takes 45 days to develop, 30 days to code, and two weeks to shake down before going live. Another option is to use agile methodology, which divides work into two-week “sprints” according to Norris. The requirements will be fully worked within the first week and the design will be completed during the second week. This requires a few meetings upfront to be certain about what the client wants but getting it right would reduce any last-minute adjustments.

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