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Video Email Marketing – Merchandisers’ Secret Recipe

With the rise of tech use, businesses have transformed their mediums of interaction with consumers. The use of chatbots, desktop notifications, promotional videos/art/music, and emails have increased significantly. Each method serves a similar purpose; to connect with people who are interested in their goods or services.

Email marketing is considered a vital aspect of maintaining an online presence and has kicked publicity up a notch by enabling people to click on embedded videos. Crafting a video email doesn’t require extraordinary skills; all you need is a catchy and short subject line because that’s precisely what is going to compel consumers to open that email. Later, a little effort of embedding a promotional video will do the trick.

Types Of Emails & How To Append Videos

Let’s take this one step further. I don’t know if you have heard about the various types of emails, but since you are looking to utilize the email marketing strategy, it is imperative to learn about its categories first: Standard Emails, Triggered Email, Nurture Emails, and Newsletters! These are a few types of emails that you will need in order to improve your click-through rate.

You can include a video using any type of email mentioned above. Adding a link to your promotional clip and the embedding is a good idea because not everyone owns a phone that supports the latest version of OS. Therefore, it won’t be possible for them to watch the inserted clip; however, they can check it out by visiting the link.

To embed a video, you will need to follow a few simple steps. First, upload the clip to a video platform, get a screenshot of any frame, add a play button to that SS (with the help of an image editing tool), and you are halfway there!

Add the thumbnail to the email, link it to the URL of your clip, and make sure the thumbnail’s name matches the video title (this will help those who are using an older phone learn about its content).

3 Essential Things To Focus On While Creating A Video Email!

Video is a vital segment of this marketing tactic, but more importantly, you don’t want it to look like spam. To avoid this, follow the steps below while creating a video email. If these steps aren’t followed, the chances of people opening the video are relatively diminished.

Add the word “Video” in the subject line!

You can add this enticing word either at the beginning of the subject line or the end. By including this word in the subject line, the likelihood of consumers opening the email increases by more than 20%.

Just A Video Is Not Enough

A video email needs content too because people want to know what the video contains, or they’ll just abandon the email after opening it. So, right before your video attachment, add a short description to ensure people are aware of what the clip holds. If your video is more like a short documentary, don’t forget to add subtitles to better assist consumers that may have a language barrier.

Keep It Concise

Adding short videos will keep your audience engaged, but if a clip exceeds two or three minutes, contains fewer visuals or more speech, there’s a chance of losing some of that audience. In case you are providing some updated information, or the email is in the format of a newsletter, it might work, but it won’t for other categories. So, keep them concise and exciting!

Summing Up!

At present, video email marketing has created quite a buzz in the online market and has mesmerized various merchandisers. If you plan to go for this option, it is a good idea to learn about the user’s interests beforehand with assistance from Google analytics. By following the three critical tips mentioned above, you should be able to craft a classic strategy for promoting your business.

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