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Reasons to Use Google Analytics

One of the most widely used digital analytics software is Google Analytics. It is a free service provided by Google that allows you to study detailed information about your website’s visitors. The service offers useful data that can help in the development of your business’s success strategy. Since practically every business has a website, almost everyone has an online presence. As a result, you need to understand the structure of your website to determine whether it is serving its purpose. The following are some reasons why you should use Google Analytics to gain a better understanding of your website and its users.

1.    Automatic Data Collection

Google Analytics includes a function that makes importing its data into Google Docs, Sites, and Spreadsheets easier. You simply need to set up a Google Analytics account and paste some code onto your website. This will allow Google Analytics to gather data from your website automatically and generate reports as a result. The software does all the work, so you do not have to. It not only saves you time and effort, but it also allows you instant access to the reports.

2.    Simple Integration with Other Platforms

Google Analytics, much like other Google services, has a simple and easy-to-use interface. It not only works well on a PC, but it also works well on smartphones and tablets. Google AdWords and Google Analytics also have a strong integration. When you link your AdWords account to Analytics, you are aligning two tools and allowing them to work together. This will provide you with useful data that will help your AdWords campaigns succeed.

3.    Measures Internal Site Search

The internal website indicates what potential clients are looking for when they visit your website. It also highlights areas of potential growth by identifying instances on your site where something may be unclear. Luckily, Google Analytics allows you to customize how you track internal site searches. Internal site search helps you to gain a better understanding of what people are looking for on your website. You can use this data to make any adjustments or improvements to your website to better its performance.

4.    Provides User Demographics

You can learn a lot about your audience by using Google Analytics to learn which channels provide the most traffic to your website. The audience section contains information about the age, gender, interests, devices, and location of your website’s visitors. This section also provides information on how these visitors arrived at your website.

5.    Gauge Performance of Social Platforms

Social media platforms help to generate a substantial amount of traffic and communicate with potential consumers. Google Analytics offers access to see what attracts consumers’ attention and then use this insight to adjust your ad placement. You should put aside a large budget for social media advertisements to find the best platform for advertising. For example, if you notice most of your engagement is on Facebook, you may set a higher budget for Facebook advertisements.

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