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Non-Organic Marketing

For most individuals, the word “traffic” has a minimal impact, but for marketers, it’s quite the opposite. Whether it’s the number of leads that visit your website, follow you on social media, or watch your videos, traffic can ultimately determine your success.

You can get organic and non-organic traffic from a variety of sources, including email, social media, organic searches, backlinks, and more. Since non-organic traffic is more difficult to come by, you want to be sure that any non-organic content you create will generate results. When it comes to figuring out what works for your company, though, it’s easier said than done. Read on to learn about the types of content that drive the most non-organic traffic from several content strategists and marketers.

Four Types of Content That Attract Non-Organic Traffic

 Data-Driven Content

Pam Bump, HubSpot Blogs’ Audience Growth Marketing Manager and Staff Writer, says she sees a lot of non-organic traffic from email and social media to blog pieces that contain statistics or recent industry stats. Data-driven material might be related to overall industry trends and data comparison pieces, such as the one published by Bump herself regarding Millennials vs. Gen Z.

If you have the resources, you should try conducting internal studies and publishing your own original data. This can assist you to generate non-organic leads such as referrals and backlinks from other websites while also building your domain authority.

Quotes and Interviews

People have a desire to learn something from what you have to offer, just like they want to learn something from data-driven information. This is especially true if it comes from seasoned industry experts and specialists. As an example, Bump cites a piece named “Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021, According to 21 Experts.” MOZ CMO Christina Mautz penned it, and she included quotes from well-known industry figures. In under three months, the article acquired a large number of views from non-organic sources after being shared on social platforms and via emails.

Those you feature in your content are also encouraged to share it with their audiences, thus increasing brand exposure and driving traffic from new places.

New Trends

In terms of attracting email, social media, and referral traffic, trying to develop material regarding new industry-related trends can be beneficial. Staying on top of rising trends also allows you to be on top of new, less competitive keywords. Once the trend grows increasingly popular, search engines will consider you as a source of authority if you are one of the only sites providing content for those keywords.

Technical Tutorials and How-To Content

Technical tutorials and how-to articles from the Product Blog, according to Tech Content Strategies, Francesca McCaffrey, do particularly well with non-organic traffic when posted to credible industry sites. This type of content, like pieces containing quotes and interviews, performs well because people can learn from it and take away useful skills they can apply in their lives. Overall, the content you put out should be directly related to your business, as you will have the most success if you provide information that your target audience is seeking.

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