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Important PPC Trends to Look For in 2021

Even during a normal year, developing a PPC marketing strategy can be difficult since this type of marketing is unpredictable – especially during a year plagued by an ongoing pandemic. Now that we have officially settled into a new year, it is the perfect time to employ new and effective PPC strategies. To do so, it is important to note which PPC trends will be most relevant in 2021. Read on for top PPC trends that you should know.

Avoid Using Old Data

Unfortunately, data obfuscation is still a current trend – therefore, you should avoid using data from 2020 when creating a new PPC plan. According to the President and Founder of Neptune Moon, Julie F. Bacchini, digital marketers should plan on being more flexible. Founder of Paid Search Magic, Amy Hebdon, stated that “it’s been a slow burn for years, but this is Google Ads’ worst year on record for shifting away from transparency and limiting the data we have to make the best decisions for our accounts.” As a result, Google is expected to continue this path indefinitely. To succeed in this environment, marketers should look at the 80% of information provided and determine what is working best for them to extend their campaign’s reach.

Focus on Your Audience

Last year, Google limited digital marketers by restricting their access to data; because of automation and AI, marketers are expected to lose some of their control. Instead of being concerned about this, put your focus on your PPC efforts and make sure that they work to improve your customer experience. You can develop a comprehensive plan that aligns with your company’s goals by putting more focus on LTV (Lifetime Value) rather than single sales.


Since ad platforms are taking more authority away from PPC marketers, integrating automation technology into your marketing plan as early as possible is your best bet. The earlier you become used to this new technology, the more prepared you will be to adapt to this ever-changing environment. The intention of automation technology is to make your life easier, so you can, instead, reflect on other areas of your company like building brand awareness.


Diversifying one’s skill set outside of Google advertising is one of the best options marketers can do to ensure the sustainability of PPC. If Google decides to shift its emphasis away from actionable data and put its focus more on artificial intelligence, it may be necessary for advertisers to become more familiar with other advertising platforms. This will provide them with more control over their expenditures, reach, etc.

Social Media Opportunities

Using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is an effective way to expand your company’s reach and increase brand awareness. Reach your audience quickly by posting your advertisements using Instagram’s IGTV and Reels features – both of which are popular features on the platform. According to Director of Paid Acquisition at Nextiva, Susan Wenograd, ad formats using the Story feature on Instagram have garnered significant success in the past. Wenograd then made a prediction that social media platforms will continue to experiment to find more ways they can display ads in the future.

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