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How to Rank Your YouTube Videos this Year

YouTube Videos

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine and the world’s largest video search engine. Because of its immense popularity, it is recommended that you use SEO for YouTube videos the same way that you would on text-based sites. Read on for a YouTube SEO tutorial if you are looking to increase your views, subscribers, and traffic.

YouTube Keyword Research

Video keyword research is the first step in the YouTube SEO process. To find the best YouTube keywords for your videos, make a list of keyword ideas first; start by making a long list of possible keywords. One way to help generate this list is by utilizing YouTube’s Search Suggest feature – simply go onto YouTube and type in a word or phrase, and YouTube will provide you with a list of keywords that relate to what you entered into the search bar. Since these are words and phrases that people type in to YouTube, these suggested keywords are beneficial to use as they are widely searched terms.

Since keyword optimization is such an important part of YouTube SEO, if a video has a ton of views, it is most likely because it is optimized around a popular keyword. Go to another channel within your niche and sort their videos by “Most Popular” (this will show you which of their videos has received the most views) and choose a video from that list. After that, you’ll be able to see the keywords the video is optimized around. 

Publish a High Retention Video

Audience Retention is the percentage of your video that people watch, and according to YouTube, it is a major ranking factor. So long as your video keeps viewers watching, YouTube will give it a higher ranking in the search results. Basically, you’re good to go as long as the video you put out is useful and entertaining to watch. To improve your video’s chances, make sure your titles and thumbnails are engaging and don’t be afraid to upload a long video because they tend to rank higher.

Audience Retention is one of the many ranking signals used by YouTube in its algorithm, and YouTube is reliant on it. In addition to audience retention, video comments, the number of subscribers received after viewing a video, the click-through rate, video shares, and a video’s likes and dislikes are five other significant YouTube ranking factors.

YouTube Video Optimization

  • Say the Keyword

Saying your target keyword will help you get the most SEO value from your video. Because YouTube transcribes its videos, if you mention your target keyword, the system will hear it and be able to tell that your video is about that keyword.

  • Video Title

Your video’s title should be at least five words long – you can use the entire keyword without keyword stuffing this way. Much like a blog post, try to put the keyword at the start of the title to give you a small SEO boost.

  • Description

Your video description also aids YouTube and Google in comprehending your video’s meaning. Your video will rank higher the more YouTube and Google understand the context of your video. The description of your video should make up at least 250 words, have the keyword in the first 25 words, and include your keyword two to four times.

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