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How to Make a Business IG Account

How to Make a Business Instagram Account

For businesses, Instagram is an incredibly effective tool. According to a Facebook IQ study, 83% of consumers claim Instagram has helped them discover new products or services, and about 80% believe Instagram has helped them perform product research and decide whether to make a purchase. Therefore, you could be missing out if you are not using Instagram to reach new audiences, raise brand awareness, and increase sales. Continue reading to learn how you can set up an Instagram account for your business.

  • Download and Sign Up

To begin, either download the Instagram app on your phone or visit the Instagram website. Then, enter your business email address, business name, username, and password into the form. Facebook can also be used to sign up; this could be an excellent choice if you already have a company Facebook account.

  • Switch to a Business Account and Complete Profile

Switch your account to a business account now that your profile is complete – go to your profile and click the three lines in the top right corner to do so. Then, in the navigation menu that is displayed, select “Settings.” Now go to the settings tab and click “Account.” Finally, select “Switch to Professional Account” from the drop-down menu. You will then see another option to switch to a “Creator” account when you come to this step.

You must first finish your profile before you can begin promoting your social media account – select a profile picture to do so. To make it easy for your audience to recognize you, your profile photo should be a variation of your logo design. After that, fill out your biography and company information. Your website, store hours, and contact information should all be included.

  • Post Content

It is necessary to publish a few photos before you can promote your Instagram account. It is best to start with a simple introduction or a greeting. People will likely visit your account once you start communicating with them and following them back. You want to create content that defines who you are as a company.

  • Link your Company’s Facebook Page

Linking your company’s Facebook page is essential because some of Instagram’s business features require you to have a Facebook business page. To link your account, go to the upper right corner and click the three lines, select “Settings” and “Business,” then select “Connect a Facebook Page.”

  • Follow People and Form a Strategy

Now, your profile is finally complete. Invite your Facebook followers to follow you on Instagram to start promoting your page. Ensure that you are being strategic once you do so; it is important that the individuals you follow be relevant to your brand.

Getting your Instagram business account up and running is the first step. Now, it is time to discover how to use Instagram for marketing once you have finished setting up your page. Consider the hashtags you will use, the accounts you will follow, and who you choose to interact with.

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