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How to Find the Best Local SEO Agency

When looking for an agency to help you with local SEO and digital marketing, you are expecting to hire an expert. When you start your search for a local SEO company, you should expect to build a long-term relationship. For years to come, the best agency for your company will be there for you whether things go well or not. This is because you agreed to work together and reap the benefits of your efforts. This article will provide you with tips for finding the right agency for your company.

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring

You should conduct a detailed interview of one or more agency reps before you partner with one. Then write down their responses to these seven questions to compare and choose the greatest fit.

  • Are you following all of Google’s guidelines when it comes to marketing?

Google’s guidelines for representing your business on Google, user-contributed material, and

search quality are all areas where a reputable agency should be an expert. To avoid unfavorable outcomes for their client, the agency should agree to follow them.

  • Are my goals realistic?

Give the interviewee a list of goals that is both clear and specific. Within a given timeline, be clear about the quantity of desired search terms to rank, reviews, phone calls, form submissions, leads, and sales. What you want to know is if the digital marketing agency thinks your goals are realistic or not based on what they know so far.

  • How much time will you devote to analyzing my market before developing a strategy?

The SEO company will require time to learn about your industry unless you choose one that works with your line of business. They will need time to research your company’s details, such as its products and services, employees, policies, and history. Your collaboration with them should begin with a full business audit and a full competitive audit; this ensures that your strategy is founded on data.

  • What do you need from me?

Allow the interviewee to make clear expectations for what they will need from you. Also, determine the amount of time they will need to speak with you and your team. Be sure to identify the types and amounts of communications that will be used within this framework. When it is time to ask for a cost breakdown, be honest and firm about your budget. Then check if your investment is a good match for what the interviewee has to offer.

  • Can I see an anonymized client report?

Request one or more anonymized client reports before hiring a local SEO company. Now is the opportunity to clarify anything you do not understand. Check to see if the marketers’ reporting style is a good fit in terms of substance and frequency and if customization is available.

  • Can I see the growth you have achieved for three other clients?

While this data may need to be anonymized as well, you will still want to see a good account of growth for multiple clients. Check to see if the agency reports on vague metrics like doubling traffic or specific KPIs like double leads and income. If you are looking for a specific form of growth, ask the agency to show you any success they have had in that area.

  • What is your background and involvement in your field?

Examine their involvement in education in the local SEO industry since they will be the ones educating you. Local SEO companies who are well-versed in the field will have a history of blogging about it. Examine their website, social media profiles, and reviews to see what others have to say about them. In addition, ask about their background and why they got into local SEO.

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