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How to Create a Viral Campaign

How to Create a Viral Marketing Campaign

It is common for marketers to hope that their campaign goes viral, which means that it will be widely known and influential; however, there is no surefire formula. If you analyze any of your favorite most recognizable marketing campaigns, you’ll find that many share similar characteristics. For those wanting to extend their reach, consider the following:

  • Consider Your Target Audience

The target audience is essential when developing a viral marketing campaign. For a campaign to go viral, it needs to connect with the viewer and make them feel passionate enough about your content that they want to share it with their inner circle. In the early stages of your campaign’s production, decide who your target audience is. To do so, first, ask yourself who you want to connect with, then determine what their aspirations and interests would be. Finally, identify what you should do to encourage them to share your content.

  • Use an Effective Visual Strategy

A visual strategy is needed for viral marketing campaigns; this helps potential consumers gain an understanding of your brand through photos. Your Viral Marketing campaign should tell a story; using visual elements that resonate with your target audience is the best way to tell that story. Ensure your visual strategy is in line with your brand and target audience; it should be engaging, insightful, and include an element of comedy or optimism.

  • Get Creative

Take a moment to think of your favorite viral marketing campaign then determine what distinguishes it from the competition. Marketing campaigns do not go viral unless they are based on a creative, compelling, and novel concept; therefore, employing a campaign that is fresh and attention-getting is the way to go.

  • Share Easily

Sharing and promoting your content with the world has never been easier thanks to the internet and social media. Lots of money is not required to generate beautiful photos or videos that can be viewed by the public. It takes lots of people sharing something repeatedly for it to become viral. This implies that you must share content in as many locations – and in as many forms – as possible. Then, allow sharing, embedding, and downloading capabilities on all of your content to make it easier for your viewers to share on their own.

  • Post at the Right Time

You should also think about when and where you post your content. Marketers take advantage of major holidays, such as Christmas, as well as major events, such as the election and the Super Bowl. On holidays, more people are using their social media accounts to keep up with current affairs, prompting digital marketing agencies to increase their campaign spending. Similarly, anyone who uses Instagram will understand that posting at specific times is important if they want to gain the most traffic. If you post at 8 p.m. on a Saturday, for example, most people are out running errands or spending time with friends or family, so they are not likely to check their newsfeed as much as they would on a different day of the week.

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