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Guide to Marketing & Branding in 2021

When considering iconic brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, or Apple, it can be argued that they are more than just their logo designs. The key behind these recognizable brands is their unified, interactive marketing strategy that creates a customer connection. Companies that develop well-known and popular branding are aware that their marketing strategy needs to extend far beyond just their names. But how can one create a successful and established brand? The guide below was created to better equip new businesses looking to build a strong, noteworthy reputation.

What is Branding & Why is it Important?

Branding initially requires thorough research to develop specific design guidelines that will be applied to your business’ products, features, or services. Successful branding makes these designs (whether graphic, textual, etc.) easy to associate with your business—creating consumer connections!

According to a 2015 global Nielsen survey, around 60% of consumers explained that they tend to buy from brands they recognized, while 21% said they made a purchase because they actually liked the brand. A brand provides a business with an identity that can be recognized by consumers, making it a significant resource. Establishing a brand will not only encourage sales, but will also support marketing and advertising efforts.

Creating a Brand

  • Target Audience

The first step to creating a recognizable brand is to determine who your target audience is. Your brand needs to resonate with your target audience, which means you need to know who your product serves, who your ideal customer is, and why you decided to start this business.

  • Your Values & Voice

Once you establish the reason for starting your business, creating a mission statement should soon follow suit. A mission statement is your way of communicating your business’s purpose and passion to the public (every part of your brand should reflect this vision).

Your business’s values, benefits, and characteristics are what makes your business stand out among the competition. Highlighting what makes your business unique helps to establish trust with your customers.

  • Visual Assets

After you’ve determined your target audience, developed your mission statement, and are aware of your business’s unique qualities, it is time to consider your brand’s visual design. This would include your brand’s logo design, color choices, fonts, web design, and other visual aspects. Work to integrate your new brand throughout your business and ensure it is displayed for your customers to see; display your brand on your website, social media, and on product packaging.

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