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More than one billion people use stories every day across Facebook's products, including Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. That is slightly less than the combined population of the U.S. and Europe using one form of social media content. According to Marketing Land, 15 to 25%

Online digital marketing is essential in the age of digital media for gaining customers, expanding your reach, and strengthening your digital presence. At Frontline Local, we provide the services that help you achieve this and more. Frontline Local, one of North Carolina’s leading digital marketing

For most individuals, the word “traffic” has a minimal impact, but for marketers, it’s quite the opposite. Whether it’s the number of leads that visit your website, follow you on social media, or watch your videos, traffic can ultimately determine your success. You can

For businesses, Instagram is an incredibly effective tool. According to a Facebook IQ study, 83% of consumers claim Instagram has helped them discover new products or services, and about 80% believe Instagram has helped them perform product research and decide whether to make a

It is common for marketers to hope that their campaign goes viral, which means that it will be widely known and influential; however, there is no surefire formula. If you analyze any of your favorite most recognizable marketing campaigns, you’ll find that many share

Digital marketing is the online advertisement of specific goods and services that engages potential online customers. For marketing purposes, top digital marketing companies or businesses use social media, mobile apps, blogs, search engines, email, and various other digital platforms. Years ago,