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Best Time to Post on LinkedIn in 2021

As social media marketing and online brand management becomes increasingly popular, social media platforms have become a hub for companies looking to build their online presence. In implementing digital marketing campaigns on these platforms, companies are exposed to a larger audience, thus expanding their visibility. In this blog, we will be talking about LinkedIn, a professional networking social media platform which has 303 million active monthly users. Maintaining audience engagement on LinkedIn requires captivating content however, if that content is not posted at the optimal time, your audience will not be able to see or engage with your content on their feeds. Determining the optimal time to post depends on your audience, industry, and business goals.

When to Post on LinkedIn

Conducting market research regarding your audience’s behavior is the key to learning how your audience uses the internet. If your target audience is a working professional, avoid posting during business hours since it’s assumed they will not be checking their social media for most of the day. However, you can try to post midday when your audience will be taking lunch or before/after a workday. Utilizing this data will help to determine the time in which you can reach the most consumers.

An important aspect to consider is the fact that working professionals, higher education students, and college graduates make up the majority of LinkedIn’s audience; therefore, you can expect LinkedIn’s audience to be busy during typical business hours. With this in mind, posting during the time periods mentioned above provides you with a better chance to extend your reach; however, if you were to post content relating to your industry, the optimal time to post will vary. Either way, getting to know your audience is a vital step!

B2B and B2C Companies

Although there is no perfect time to earn the most engagement from your audience, you can look to the behavior of competitors in your industry or audience members for reference. Researching and analyzing web behavior is a great indicator of audience engagement and will help to determine the optimal posting time for B2Bs and B2Cs. The target audiences are likely to be professionals therefore, posting outside of work hours or during lunch hour is most appropriate.

Frequency of LinkedIn Posts

Research suggests that posting anywhere from two to five times per week will garner the most success; however, this depends on your industry, target audience, and the type of content you are publishing. Before posting content at a certain time, be sure to be strategic and thoughtful. Because social media algorithms boost engaging content, posting low-quality material to LinkedIn will negatively impact your engagement metrics—decreasing your company’s visibility on the platform. It is beneficial to strategize, plan content ahead of time, and try to vary the type of content published throughout the week. Once you develop your LinkedIn strategy, you will begin to discover what type of content performs best and garners the most engagement from your audience.

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