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Awesome Content Marketing Analytic Tools

If you want a successful marketing campaign, you must first understand the analytics that support it – analytics that demonstrate the metrics that matter most to you, the status of your current strategy, how close you are to accomplishing your objectives, and things you can improve on.

To help you assess the efficacy of your marketing campaign, there is a range of analytical tools available with customizable metrics, a range of visualizations and dashboards, and product integrations. Below are a few popular options.

  • Buffer

The content marketing analytics offered by Buffer allows you to create reports based on your objectives. Custom metrics regarding the success of social media accounts may be added or removed – these reports can also be easily shared upon export. Since reports are regularly provided, you can always be sure you have the most up-to-date information possible. The manner in which Buffer’s analytics were designed was to provide a comprehensive view of channel performance all on a single dashboard. Additionally, the app features engagement metrics for each account to help you get a better understanding of how consumers interact with social media content.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is considered a user-friendly platform as it offers an extensive variety of tools that aid in content marketing analysis. Easy to navigate and featuring tools to analyze your content’s performance, Google Analytics also utilizes a tool that works with Google’s business software – allowing you to view all of your data in one location.

  • SimilarWeb

With SimilarWeb, you will be provided with a comparative analytical model that uses industry-standard traffic and engagement numbers as a baseline. Benefit from this information by learning about how your performance compares with the competition. SimilarWeb provides a break-down of your regular users, sessions per user, use-time, and rank. To strengthen your acquisition strategy, learn more about your audience and their online behaviors.

  • Moz

The overall impact of your search engine optimized content can be measured by the social platform, Moz. Discover how your content is measuring up against the competition and use high-ranking keywords in your digital marketing strategy. Using Moz’s software will help you to keep a record of your site’s keyword rank, so you can employ effective strategies based on what is performing well among your target audience. You can also track how competitors rank on search engine results pages to identify areas that require some improvement.

  • Hotjar

Hotjar can be used to monitor user sessions on your website. The platform features heat maps that provide information regarding where visitors prefer to spend their time on your site. Real-time videos of how your customers are navigating your website are also offered on Hotjar. This information can help you to zero in on the content that your customers prefer to view while on your website.

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