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5-Step Content Development Process

5-Step Content Development Process

Authenticity is everything when it comes to how people make purchasing decisions. Since people despise being sold to, they tend to be suspicious of promises that are exaggerated or outright lies. They prefer to do their own analysis and come to their own conclusions. To make an impression on ad-shy prospects during their decision-making process, you must serve them the content they’re looking for at the exact moment they’re looking for it. Content development process is one of the most successful ways to manage the sales conversation.

What is Content Development?

Content development is the method of producing content for a website. Strategy, writing, SEO, publishing, and promotion are all aspects of content development. Some digital marketing agencies and online content producers only manage one or two phases of the content marketing process. For example, instead of taking care of the strategy, publishing, or promotion, they’ll complete the writing portion. Without an efficient strategy in place, no one will be able to see the website you worked on. If you’re looking for a content marketing solution, read on for five steps to help you get started.

  • Gather Information

Collecting as many details as possible is the first step in content development; gather information such as target demographics, competitors, previous site performance, and site goals. For analyzing on-site results, Google Analytics and Search Console are excellent options. The aim of gathering all of this data is to help make decisions regarding which topics to cover.

  • Topic Analysis

Competitor performance is one of the most useful pieces of data to analyze. Investigate which pages on a competitor’s website generate the most organic traffic. To see if it is possible to outrank the competition, look at the backlink profile, length, and content of those pages.

  • Strategy

Depending on a client’s industry and developmental goals, the specific deliverables differ. However, writing two or more 2,000-word articles for each client every month is a default. The amount of competition and search volume varies by sector, and each keyword analysis tool has its own method for assessing competition. Start by looking for keywords with 50 or more monthly searches.

  • Write

To rank well, your content must outperform any other result on Google’s front page. Since it is more comprehensive and addresses more relevant subjects, longer content ranks higher and draws more backlinks. Consider why your audience would search for something and what they might want to read in response to their question. Then create a piece of high-quality content that meets the reader’s needs and encourages them to share it.

  • Publish

Move on to search engine optimization (SEO) and publishing after the writing Content Development process is completed. To make content more appealing to search engines, consider readability, word count, and relevant keywords. Crafting title tags and meta descriptions during the optimization and publishing process will also help to improve click-through rates.

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