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5 Innovative Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

The holiday season is an ideal time of the year for companies to interact with their customers in a unique, fun way. It is the perfect time to get creative and show your devoted customers a new side to your business and obtain new leads by employing festive marketing campaigns. As the holidays creep up on us, it’s crucial to start planning early.

Here’s a list of holiday marketing ideas to help inspire you this season:

  • Google Ads Campaign

No matter your business, Google Ads is a useful platform to create a seasonal marketing campaign! Employing an ad campaign using Google Ads allows you to specifically target holiday-related keywords to reach shoppers this season. For example, a business selling women’s clothing can use keywords like “gift ideas for wife” or “Christmas sweaters.” Creating specific ads and offering incentives like discounts or free services are also effective ways of gaining new customers.

If you are not in B2C, there are still a variety of ways to use Google Ads to your advantage. As holiday shoppers tend to look for ways to cut costs, use AdWords to offer a seasonal discount. Then use ad extensions to occupy more space on the results page, acquire new visitors, and highlight any special holiday offerings.

  • Instagram Ads

Instagram is the perfect social media platform to showcase a company’s holiday ad to stand out amidst the clutter. Take this time to get creative and festive by posting a photo of your team in holiday sweaters or themed face masks to reel in new visitors. Although it requires some investment, creating a seasonal ad is worth it to show an interesting side to your business that may not be seen otherwise.

  • Send a Seasonal Email

Integrating the holidays as part of your company’s email marketing campaign is a great way to connect with your loyal customers. One tip to keep in mind is to be aware of your email subject lines throughout your holiday digital marketing campaign. Much like the ad copy when employing Google Ads campaigns, it is necessary to include an incentive while instilling a sense of urgency in your email subject line. This method is a great way to catch your customers’ attention and urge them to click!

  • Carry Out a Holiday Themed Webinar

A webinar is a personal way of connecting with your target audience and a unique way to incite growth in sales. As common as webinars are for new prospects, they often go unnoticed and ignored. To combat this, try adding a seasonal element to the invite; that way, it will stand out from the rest.

  • Festive Display Ads

Unless your company already partners with a digital marketing agency, you should start looking into investing in a professional to assist with a holiday display campaign. Creating a festive image of your brand and displaying it on a multitude of online platforms aids in enticing new leads. Presenting your brand in a fun, relatable way helps to form that connection with your customers and any new prospects.

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